Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thank you for commenting. I am from New Zealand. The book in the corner on the right is a library book from my school library, but all the others are mine to keep for ever. I have read each one at least once, some many times, some less times than others.

Zac Power is my favourite character. He always completes his missions and never ever fails. He gets gadgets from GIB. It stands for Government Investigation Bureau. BIG are the baddies. It stands for Blackwood Intelligence Guild.

I hope BIG don't look on my blog because they could find out a lot about Zac that he does not want them to know. Zac's brother is Leon and he also has a mum and a dad like a normal family, except they all work for GIB. Zac has only been around spies in his life. He always tries to get to do normal stuff with his friends when he can but he is mostly going on missions so he doesn't get much time. His worst enemy is in his family and the head of BIG. Caz, Zac's worst enemy, has the same name but it is only backwards.

I took the photo and I told mum what to write.

With all these books together I rate them 10 Baboo bones. Baboo is happy because he likes being on my blog.


  1. That is a lot of books you have read in a very short time, L7!

    And we see there are a lot of dots on your map now. You must be world famous!

  2. Whoa, there are almost as many dots on your map as there are Zac Power books on your bookshelves! Mutti is right, you are famous :) XXX

  3. I hope you have a VERY BIG bookcase! Though your books do look good as a special kind of rug - good idea to show them that way, L7. x

  4. I rather thought mum was involved somehow. That's all right; even Samuel Johnson had his Boswell.

    Congratulations on your blog!

  5. Very good review. If you are really only 7 maybe you should not visit my blog. But I'll visit yours K?

  6. You did a fine job taking that picture. In photography, diagonals are desirable because they make a more interesting picture.

    Zac and his family live exciting lives, don't they! How old is Zac...do the stories give him an age?

  7. Wow. This must be a great series if you recommend them so highly! I've never heard of them, so I'll have to read one now.
    Great blog.