Wednesday, February 17, 2010

School Reading

In this book Ollie goes flying because he has got a magic bike. When he lands everyone wants his presents and then he lets them have them but lots of them want the same thing and then they rip everything to pieces. Then people give bits back and his Dad does some magic, because he is a wizard, to make the one-wheeled bike into a two-wheeled BMX bike. Then he finds out that everyone has made the same thing except the one-wheeled bikes are rusty and the parrots are wood.
This book is exciting. I give it 9 Baboo bones.


  1. I go flying in my dreams sometimes, but I can't ride a bike, either in dreams or really! But I'd quite like a parrot made of wood...

  2. I can tell it was an exciting story simply from your description! I like the cover picture too.
    Gosh...wouldn't it be fun to fly? Where would you go if you could fly?