Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sick And Coughing A Lot Today So Lots Of Reading.

The Abominable Snowman. In this book you can choose your own adventure. I give this book 10 Baboo bones.

Zac Power - Horror House. Zac Power goes into a BIG mission, and they are the baddies. There are lots of scary surprises, but Zac is not scared because he is so brave. He meets a BIG agent and pretends to be a BIG agent. I rate this book 9 Baboo bones.

Zac Power - Frozen Fear. We got this book with our shop money because I had run out of books to read. I was at the shop because I was sick. The best part of this book is when Zac Power puts a skidoo top on a missile to get back to GIB (they are the goodies). I rate this book 10 Baboo bones.


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed this book, L7. You totally deserved it as you were so good and quiet sitting behind the counter when we had customers, and helping when we had chores to do. You rock!

    Also thanks for explaining to me what a skidoo is. Now I know.
    Thanks for being my helper today - I had a fun day with you. xx

  2. Wow L7, you are the biggest bookworm I know. You must have super fast reading powers to get through so many books!xxx Cousin P xxx

  3. What a great rating system. Most ratings are only 1-5 but your 1-10 system is WAAAAAY better.

  4. Jeez bud, you read some scary books!!! Frozen Fear... Abominable Snowman... Horror House! You're braver than me, that's for sure :)

  5. Hows it going little man? Shouts from Boston in the u.k! I wish i could get my boys to read as much as you, i have to prod them with sticks and hide various Pokemon related objects (like pikasaur or bulbabird or whatever they're called!)and so reading is the only way they can get them back. I always say to them "upgrade your grey matter, because one day it may matter!" I hope you get well soon and I'm secretly jealous because new Zealand is a beautiful country. (did anyone ever find old zealand?)

  6. When I'm sick I always read a lot, too.
    I read a lot when I'm well, too, though. :-)
    And running out of books to read is my worst nightmare!
    Choosing one's own adventure (in The Abominable Snowman) sounds like fun.

  7. Keep up the good reading, writing, and reviewing. We have some young readers here as well.