Saturday, February 20, 2010

Can of Worms
I rate this book 8 Baboo bones. Some of it is funny and some bits are about spaghetti that is actually worms.
This book has a bite taken out if it, like two lumps.
The main character is Angus.


  1. Angus is my dog's name!
    Spaghetti...worms...I think I'll be avoiding pasta until I forget that image. ;-)

  2. Spaghetti worms are just right for slurping through a hole left by a tooth coming out! Hope you have some at the ready!

  3. I like books that are funny shapes like this one. It makes me smile to look at them, and it's fun to run your hand over the shape too. I like books that have bumpy covers. How a book feels is part of it. Well done for including that in your report.