Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Am David

I Am David by Anne Holm

David was born in a concentration camp so he doesn't know what country he is from. A guard let him out to escape. He doesn't know if the people who run the camp are looking for him or not. He takes lots of car rides and sneaks onto a ship. The man on the ship lets him out in a life ring. He thought he would be from his waist out of the water, but then he realises he is almost up to his neck in water. There are big choices he has to make and he saves someone called Maria from a fire.

This book made me happy and sad. It was sad because David was travelling with a dog and the dog gave its life for David. The dog's name was King.

In the end he finds his Mum. It takes so long to reach her because he has to go all the way to Denmark. I rate this book 8 Baboo bones.